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Page last updated: 28/11/08

Monitoring & Evaluation

A key function of LBLAP is to determine how successful projects have been in delivering outcomes.  By doing so, LBLAP is able to ensure that plans and actions are linked to, and meet, objectives.  Funding partners need to be confident that funds are being spent according the crtieria under which they were issued, and a comprehensive evaluation process allows this to occur.

Ongoing monitoring enables projects to be evaluated in regards to long term targets and outcomes, and provides an essential database which can be used for the planning of similar projects in the future.

The LBLAP Management Committee, as a representative body of the community, also needs to determine whether the objectives and strategies in the Local Action Plan are still current and reflect the vision, objectives and priorities of the south of the river communities, from Gurra to Kingston-on-Murray..

Today, more than ever, there is a strong focus on the principles of Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM).  This means that, while LBLAP focusses on the local area and local projects and issues, it must also consider the impact of any initiative on a regional basis.This may mean forming alliances with other like-minded organisations to better maximise the outcomes of initiatives undertaken.

Although this requires projects to show clear linkages to regional plans, local communities still need to feel involved in Natural Resource Management and the challenge is now upon us all to ensure that this essential community link is not lost.



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