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Page last updated: 28/11/08

Irrigation & Drainage

The key focus of Irrigation and Drainage is Land & Water Management Planning (LWMP).  As Identified in the Local Action Plan, the key strategies to address LWMP issues are:

  • Achieve Optimum on-farm efficiency
  • Reduce off-site impacts of irrigation
  • Responsible drainage management
  • Ensure new irrigation development is sustainable

I n order to achieve these outcomes, LBLAP, in conjunction with other Riverine LAP groups, the River Murray Catchment Water Management Board and the Central Irrigation Trust, have developed the Improving Water Use Efficiency Project. This project provides a range of strategies and information to irrigators, to help improve irrigation practices and meet their requirements under the Water Allocation Plan.

LBLAP is working with several farming communities (dryland and irrigation) in its operational area,

to develop or update LWMPs for their specific areas.





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