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Conservation & Biodiversity

One of the key strategies of LBLAP is to protect existing native vegetation and encourage community groups and individuals to undertake revegetation works.  Such works are also beneficial to native fauna, particularly if properly planned as corridors to link areas of native flora with other areas of native flora to allow fauna to better travel within a safe and sustaining environment.

The importance of protecting and enhancing biodiversity can not be overstated, and LBLAP actively supports projects which include improved biodiversity outcomes.

Incentive funding may be available to groups or individuals who wish to undertake projects relating to revegetation or protecting existing vegetation.


2 June 2009 - Public Meeting - Review of LBLAP Flora, Fauna and Native Fish Strategies

Discussion Points

  • Publicity - LBLAP should make a greater effort to disseminate relevant environmental information into the community.  eg better promote the recent opening of the sluice gates at Yatco.

  • Typhor - becoming a real issue in wetlands - possible demonstration site at Little Duck to trial control measures - Discuss with SAMDBNRM and Pest Plant & Animal staff.  Brooke Turner is undertaking her thesis on the topic at the moment and may be a source of relevant information.  Suggestion made that Foundation SA may be a source of funding for typhor investigations.

  • Bird Hides - Installation of hides at various sites are potential projects for which to seek funding. Potential sites would need to have good public access - eg Yatco.

  • Pyap Lagoon - Dean Fielke (landowner of part of Pyap floodplain) is keen to progress any actions to aid in reviving the condition of the Pyap wetland/floodplain.  Dean is also keen to undertake some monitoring and Sheridan suggested that there would be good community support for that type of activity.

  • Locally based Consultant - Tony Sharley (ex Manager Banrock Station) is now consulting freelance and also working with Bill Phillips. - A good local resource.

  • Cat Traps - are available from SAMDBNRM Pest Plant & Animal dept, but the feeling was that there are not enough traps available. Suggestion made that LBLAP verify the shortage of traps and, if correct, seek funding for traps and make them available to the public on loan.




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