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Welcome to the Loxton to Bookpurnong Local Action Planning Committee Site


The aim of this site is to enable members of both the local and broader community to be kept up to date with issues relating to natural resource management within the Loxton to Bookpurnong Local Action Planning Committee (LBLAP) designated area of operation.  That area runs south of the River Murray, from the Lyrup Forest to Banrock Station, but also includes Katarapko Island.

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LBLAP is able to accept tax deductible donations for use on environmental projects.


Vibrant volunteer organisation leading and encouraging community involvement in:

  • natural resource management;
  • climate change; and
  • related issues and associated projects relevant to the local community.


Today, more than ever, there is a strong focus on the principles of Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM).  It's an understanding that many environmental processes are complex and involve many issues.  It means that, while we still concentrate on issues and projects within our area, we must also take into account the impact of any projects or initiatives across the broader region.  Although this requires projects to show clear linkages to regional plans, local communities still need to feel involved in Natural Resource Management and the challenge is now upon us all to ensure that this essential community link is not lost.


In the early to mid nineties, government saw a benefit in moving decision making on local issues to locally based organisations.  It was thought that, with project initiation, development and consequent project management, in the hands of the locals directly affected or involved, better outcomes would eventuate.

LBLAP was established in 1996 by a group of enthusiastic and committed local community members.  The initial mission of the organisation was to prepare and implement a Strategic Plan to promote sustainable land and water use practices and enhance the local environment.

Covering an area of 155,000 hectares to the south of the River Murray, the LBLAP area includes six irrigation areas:

  • Kingston-on-Murray / Lock 3
  • Moorook
  • New Residence
  • Pyap
  • Loxton and
  • Bookpurnong / Lock 4

It also includes:

Ajax Achilles Baseline Survey
Clarks Sandbar Baseline Survey
Gurra Gurra Lakes Baseline Survey

Murray River National Park Management Plan (Katarapko, Rilli, Media & Kapunda Islands)
Thiele's Flat Baseline Survey
Yatco Lagoon Baseline Survey
Yatco Draft Wetland Management Plan
Rilli's Lagoon Baseline Survey

The current areas of focus of LBLAP are:

  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Wetlands and floodplains
  • Flora and fauna conservation
  • Water quality
  • Community education, development and awareness
  • Climate change
  • Recreational

LBLAP also works closely with and assists the Yatco Wetlands Landcare Group, the Bookpurnong Lock 4 Environmental Association and its associated Land & Water Management Planning Group and the Pyap to Kingston Land & Water Management Planning Group.

We are keen to foster relationships with other community groups in our area to assist them (with funding applications etc) for projects that deliver an environmental outcome.

We are always keen to hear from enthusiastic potential new members with new ideas.

Membership is FREE and you can be as hands-on as you choose.  Free Membership Application

If you have any interest in any of these areas or have any ideas for local projects that you believe should be undertaken in these areas, please contact the Project Manager at
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